Any 3 seconds or semi-matte bibs for $25: use code 3FOR25

Any 5 seconds or semi-matte bibs for $35: use code 5FOR35


All our products are quality checked and at times, we come across cosmetic imperfections. Rather than wasting them, we believe they should be sent to new and loving homes. 

The items that are sold as part of our Seconds Range are perfectly functional, and might have minor imperfections. These imperfections could be tiny dots or fluff in the silicone (some you can barely notice unless you've been obsessing over thousands of bibs, and hold the bib under a light to inspect it!) or imperfect edges on the bib.

Imperfects still deserve a home, and as such you can enjoy them at a discounted price. 

Please be aware that these items are final sale, and as a result, no returns or exchanges will be issued. All SECONDS products come without swing tags.

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